Brilliant Boys 45 - GAYWEDDING

Brilliant Boys 45 - GAYWEDDING
This mostly plotless romp by a bunch of German twinks is organized - very loosely - around the wedding of two of them: Bernd and Heiko. But let's hope the religious right never gets their hands on this video, as its take on gay marriage is anything but a portrait of a committed, monogamous relationship

The flick opens with the handsome young couple emerging from the church, the nuptials just completed. They head home and are greeted by the cute blond houseboy, wearing nothing by an apron. He spills a drink on the fair-skinned husband (let's assume he's Bernd), who then leaves the room to change. The houseboy immediately makes a play for Heiko, a lean, raven-haired lad with a dark complexion, and they are soon naked and fooling around.

Bernd doesn't seem surprised by this when he returns (guess we know why they have a houseboy for their relatively small apartment), and quickly makes it a three-way, a largely oral affair. The happy couple + 1 are interrupted by a knock at the door. Bernd gets up to answer it, and that's the last we see of raven-haired Heiko, which I thought was too bad.

Bernd greets the visitor, a nice-looking blond who was one of the wedding guests, welcomes him in, helps him out of his clothes and offers him his bratwurst, orally then anally. Ever the good host, Bernd also takes a ride on the guest's stiffie.

We abruptly cut to a scene with two other wedding guests (when they arrived, we don't know), already naked and in bed. The cute, lean blond top fucks the more rugged, dark-haired bottom (the bottom has a hair style with a rat tail, which helps date this flick), first doggie style, then sidesaddle.

Next we find Bernd in bed with the houseboy and yet another wedding guest, a nice-looking young brunet. They exchange blowjobs, but when Bernd pulls out a cat-o'-nine-tails-type whip, the guest quickly departs. Bernd drips hot wax on the houseboy's back and whips his butt, before stuffing it with the whip handle. As the houseboy fucks himself with the whip, Bernd jacks off a load onto his butt. At this point, the guest returns, and he and the houseboy jack off side by side to end the scene.
90 Minutes
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